How to Use Dentrix Merge Fields

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The following is a full list of available merge fields you can use with Dentrix quick letters to easily merge the data you need into your letters. Simply find merge field you need and copy and paste it into your word document.

Dentrix Merge Fields

LName Last Name «LName»
FName First Name «FName»
MI Middle Name «MI»
PrefName Preferred Name «PrefName»
Chart Chart Number «Chart»
Gender Sex «Gender»
Status Status «Status»
FamPos Family Position «FamPos»
BirthDate Birthdate   «BirthDate»
FirstVisit First Visit Date «FirstVisit»
WPhone Work Phone Number «WPhone»
WExt Work Phone Extension «WExt»
SS Social Security Number «SS»
Salutation Custom for Patient «Salutation»
Title Formal Title (Mr/Mrs)«Title»
OtherID ID for Medicaid, etc. «OtherID»
Street Street Address «Street»
Street2 Street Address 2nd line «Street2»
City City «City»
State State «State»
Zip Zip Code «Zip»
HPhone Home Phone Number «HPhone»
Fax Fax Number «Fax»
Pager Pager Number «Pager» (Not available in versions G4+)
Mobile Mobile Number  «Mobile» (Added in version G4)
OtherNumOther Number «OtherPhone»
Email E-mail address «EMailAddress»
DrivLic Driver’s License Number «DriversLicense»
Fee_Sched Fee Schedule Name «Fee_Sched»
MedAlerts Medical Alerts «MedAlerts»
Guar_LName Guarantor’s Last Name «Guar_LName»
Guar_FName Guarantor’s First Name «Guar_FName»
Aging_0 Balance less than 30 days «Aging_0»
Aging_30 Balance over 30 days «Aging_30»
Aging_60 Balance over 60 days «Aging_60»
Aging_90 Balance over 90 days «Aging_90»
Billing_Type Guarantor’s Billing Type «Billing_Type»
Balance Account Balance «Balance»
LastPayDate Last Payment Date «LastPayDate»
LastPayAmt   Last Payment Amount   «LastPayAmt»
LastStmt   Last Statement Date «LastStmtDate»
PP_Total  F. D. Payment Plan Total «PP_Total»
PP_Balance F. D. Payment Plan Balance «PP_Balance»
PP_Payment F. D. Pay Plan Agreed Payment «PP_Payment»
PP_Payment_Date F. D. Payment Due Date «PP_Payment_Date»
PMTP_Date Payment Agreement Date «PMTP_Date»
PMTP_FC Payment Agreement Finance Charge «PMTP_FinCharge»
PMTP_LC Payment Agreement Late Charge «PMTP_LateCharge»
PMTP_Interval Payment Agreement Interval «PMTP_Interval»
PMTP_Balance Payment Agreement Balance «PMTP_Balance»
PMTP_PayAmt Payment Agreement Payment Amt «PMTP_PaymentAmount»
PMTP_BalRem Pay Agree Balance Remaining «PMTP_BalanceRemaining»
PMTP_NxtPmt Payment Agreement Next Payment «PMTP_NextPmtDue»
PMTP_AmtPstDue Payment Agreement Amt Past Due «PMTP_AmountPastDue»
PMTP_RemPmts Pay Agree Remaining Num Pmts «PMTP_RemPayments»
PMTP_AmtDue Payment Agreement Amount Due «PMTP_AmountDue»
PMTP_MissPmts Pay Agree Num of Missed Pmts «PMTP_MissedPayments»
Practice_Name Practice’s Name «Practice_Name»
Practice_Address Practice’s Street Address «Practice_Address»
Practice_Address2 Practice’s Address2 «Practice_Address2»
Practice_Phone Practice’s Phone «Practice_Phone»
Practice_PhoneExt Practice’s Phone Ext. «Practice_PhoneExt»
Practice_CitySTZip Practice’s City State Zip «Practice_CitySTZip»
Prov_Name Primary Provider’s Name «Prov_Name»
Prov_Title Primary Provider’s Title «Prov_Title»
Prov2_Name Secondary Provider’s Name «Prov2_Name»
Prov2_Title Secondary Providers’ Title «Prov2_Title»
Emp_Name Employer’s Name     «Emp_Name»
Emp_Add1 Employer’s Street Address «Emp_Add1»
Emp_Street2 Employer’s 2nd Street Line «Emp_Street2»
Emp_CitySTZip Employer’s City, State, Zip «Emp_Add2»
Emp_Phone Employer’s Phone Number «Emp_Phone»
PIns_Name Primary Dental Insurance Name «PIns_Name»
PIns_Group Prim Dental Ins Group Name «PIns_GroupName»
PIns_RemBenf Prim Dental Ins Remaining Benefit «PIns_RemBenf»
PIns_Add1 Prim Dental Ins Street Address«PIns_Address»
PIns_Add2 Prim Dental Ins Address2 «PIns_Address2»
PIns_CitySTZip Prim Dental Ins City, State, Zip «PIns_CitySTZip»
PIns_Phone Prim Dental Ins Phone Number «PIns_Phone»
PIns_Ext   Prim Dental Ins Phone Ext. «PIns_PhoneExt»
PIns_Contact Prim Dental Insurance Contact«PIns_Contact»
SIns_Name Sec Dental Insurance Name «SIns_Name»
SIns_Group Sec Dental Ins Group Name «SIns_GroupName»
SIns_RemBenf Sec Dental Ins Remaining Benefit «SIns_RemBenf»
SIns_Add1 Sec Dental Ins Street Address «SIns_Address»
SIns_Add2 Sec Dental Ins Address2 «SIns_Address2»
SIns_CitySTZip Sec Dental Ins City, State, Zip «SIns_CitySTZip»
SIns_Phone Sec Dental Ins Phone Number «SIns_Phone»
SIns_Ext Sec Dental Ins Phone Ext. «SIns_PhoneExt»
SIns_Contact Sec Dental Insurance Contact «SIns_Contact»
PMIns_Name Prim Medical Insurance Name «Med_PIns_Name»
PMIns_Group Prim Medical Ins Group Name «Med_PIns_GroupName»
PMIns_Add1 Prim Medical Ins Street Address «Med_PIns_Address»
PMIns_Add2 Prim Medical Ins Street Address2 «Med_PIns_Address2»
PMIns_CitySTZip Prim Medical Ins City, State, Zip «Med_PIns_CitySTZip»
PMIns_Phone Prim Medical Ins Phone Number «Med_PIns_Phone»
PMIns_Ext Prim Medical Ins Phone Ext. «Med_PIns_PhoneExt»
PMIns_Contact Prim Medical Insurance Contact «Med_PIns_Contact»
SMIns_Name Sec Medical Insurance Name «Med_SIns_Name»
SMIns_Group Sec Medical Ins Group Name «Med_SIns_GroupName»
SMIns_Add1 Sec Medical Ins Street Address «Med_SIns_Address»
SMIns_Add2 Sec Medical Ins Street Address2 «Med_SIns_Address2»
SMIns_CitySTZip Sec Medical Ins City, State, Zip «Med_SIns_CitySTZip»
SMIns_Phone Sec Medical Ins Phone Number «Med_SIns_Phone»
SMIns_Ext Sec Medical Ins Phone Ext. «Med_SIns_PhoneExt»
SMIns_Contact Sec Medical Insurance Contact «Med_SIns_Contact»
RefTo_Name Referred To Last Name/Description «RefTo_Name»
RefTo_Add1 Referred To Street Address «RefTo_Add1»
RefTo_Street2 Referred To 2nd Line Street «RefTo_Street2»
RefTo_Add2 Referred To City, State, Zip «RefTo_Add2»
RefTo_Phone Referred To Phone Number «RefTo_Phone»
RefTo_Date Date Referral Made «RefTo_Date»
RefTo_FName Referred To First Name «RefTo_FName»
RefTo_MI Referred To Middle Initial «RefTo_MI»
RefTo_Salutation Custom for Referral «RefTo_Salutation»
RefTo_Email Referred To E-mail Address «RefTo_Email»
RefBy_Name Referred By Name «RefBy_Name»
RefBy_Add1 Referred By Street Address «RefBy_Add1»
RefBy_Street2 Referred By 2nd Street Line «RefBy_Street2»
RefBy_Add2 Referred By City, State, Zip «RefBy_Add2»
RefBy_Phone Referred By Phone Number «RefBy_Phone»
RefBy_FName Referred By First Name «RefBy_FName»
RefBy_MI Referred By Middle Initial «RefBy_MI»
RefBy_Salutation Custom for Referral «RefBy_Salutation»
RefBy_Email Referred By E-mail Address «RefBy_Email»
LastVisit Patient’s Last Visit Date «LastVisit»
LastRef  Last Referral Date «LastRef»
LastMissed Last Missed Appointment Date«LastMissedApptDate»
RefTo_Title Referred To Title «RefTo_Title»
RefBy_Title Referred By Title «RefBy_Title»
Appt_Date Next Appointment Date «Appt_Date»
Appt_Time Next Appointment Time «Appt_Time»
Appt_Reason Next Appointment Reason «Appt_Reason»
Appt_Name New Patient Appointment Name «Appt_Name»
Appt_Provider Next Appointment Provider «Appt_Provider»
Appt_Phone New Patient Appt Phone Number «Appt_Phone»
Appt_Add1 New Patient Appt Street Address «Appt_Add1»
Appt_Street2 New Patient Appt 2nd Street Line «Appt_Street2»
Appt_Add2 New Patient Appt City, State  ZIP «Appt_Add2»
CC_DueDate Continuing Care Due Date «CC_DueDate»
CC_TypeName Continuing Care Type Name «CC_TypeName»
CC_TypeDesc Continuing Care Description «CC_TypeDesc»
CC_Note   Continuing Care Note «CC_Note»
CC_PriorWorkDate Continuing Care Prior Treatment Date «CC_PriorWorkDate»
CC_StatusType Continuing Care Status Type «CC_StatusType»
CC_StatusDesc Continuing Care Status Description «CC_StatusDesc»
CC_ApptDate Continuing Care Appointment Date «CC_ApptDate»
CC_ApptTime Continuing Care Appointment Time «CC_ApptTime»
CC_ApptReason Continuing Care Appointment Reason «CC_ApptReason»
CC_ApptProv Continuing Care Appointment Provider    «CC_ApptProv»

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